The latest news and announcements from Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (FRBSF) on Investing in Results.

"Missed the San Francisco Event? Listen to the Recorded Dialogues"

From funding strategies to outcomes in action, speakers in the San Francisco event discuss how outcomes-based approaches inform their practice. The talks have been split into separate, brief videos for easy browsing.

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"Rules and Rituals: How to Drive Change"

Excerpted chapter from Investing in Results by Zia Khan, in Stanford Social Innovation Review

"A paradigm shift toward results-based funding is a major analytical breakthrough. But its benefits can be realized only if we look at the number of rituals that need to change and make sure we balance strategy with culture in thinking about how to make those changes."

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"Keeping Your Eye on the Long Term in a World of Short-Term Pressures"

By T.A. Frank, in Drucker Institute

How do you persuade stakeholders who are resistent to buy into a long-term mindset? Read NFF CEO Antony Bugg-Levine's response to T.A. Frank of the Drucker Institute in this article on long-term thinking.

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"Rethinking Homeless Shelters From the Ground Up"

By Krutika Pathi, in City Lab

Krutika Pathi speaks with BRC CEO Muzzy Rosenblatt about his organization's blueprint for addressing homelessness. His suggestion: a shift toward a results-based funding model.

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Outcomes Campaign Goes West

The best hope for lasting progress against America’s biggest social problems is for service providers and funders to align around what really works – and what it really costs – to advance healthy communities. This was the unifying message, as NFF and FRBSF kicked off the west coast book launch and outcomes dialogue.

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"Banks — at the Fed’s Urging — Back Community Investing"

By Imogen Rose-Smith, in Institutional Investor

"'The challenge for philanthropy is that we have to interrogate the way we do business,' [Darren] Walker said, speaking this week at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in downtown Manhattan at an event organized to introduce the new book...."

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Social Sector Mobilizes toward Better Outcomes for US Communities

Hundreds of experts from government, nonprofits, philanthropy, and finance gathered today to share ideas and advance the innovation needed to solve America’s most severe problems in healthcare, education, housing, employment, and more.

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"Grant Makers, Put Results First in Deciding How to Give"

By Antony Bugg-Levine and Kerry Sullivan, in Chronicle of Philanthropy

"Making the shift from specific activities to overall results requires a new contract between those who deliver social services and those who pay for them, one in which taxpayers and philanthropists will know they can expect to see the results. For this to happen, they must free service providers from the red tape that makes programs and spending dependent on preset activities and agree to pay the full costs of the work they are hoping to accomplish..."

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San Francisco June 13 event livestream available

We're thrilled to announce that the event was recorded on June 13.

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